Simple and transparent management

Honeycomb is a strategic management tool that promotes a work culture that is more transparent and focus driven.

Honeycomb was created for companies who wish to work in a more transparent, focused and autonomous way. Through a simple and visual solution, everyone clearly understands the strategy and can easily see who is responsible for each activity within the team.

How it works

With Honeycomb, it is easier to define your company's objectives and projects. Our tool stimulates pro-activity and makes it easier to manage talents.

  • Transparent strategy
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Engaged team
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Why Honeycomb?

Connect purposes

Lead your company focusing on people. Connect what people want for themselves with what the company needs.

As we evolve, our individual goals change and Honeycomb allows us to do management more dinamically, shuffling people, changing roles, hiring new people to fit all our own goals into the bigger company purpose.

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Luisa Haddad
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Give context

People cease to only execute and become real agents of strategic transformation and innovation.

By giving one holistic view of the quarterly goals across the company, Honeycomb is a great tool to connect individuals and internal teams’ priorities to those of their colleagues, and make sure they correspond organizational priorities.

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Gioia Deucher

Promote Autonomy

People empowered by full context make better decisions, have more autonomy and create relationships based on merit and trust.

Honeycomb helps Beiramar become an autonomous organization when it facilitates setting and following up on company goals, actions to reach them and the necessary responsibilites to make sure all projects are delivered smoothly. Today, these units have autonomy and are independent to work on what makes more sense to them.

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