Your team operating with higher focus and transparency.

We created a methodology that allows you to set objectives and link them to roles and responsibilities. People
choose what to own. They are accountable, things are clear and everyone gets the work done.


Honeycomb was created for companies who wish to operate in a horizontal, collaborative
and transparent way. By mixing learnings from OKRs, Holacracy and our experience,
we created a strategical framework that is simple and efficient.

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You start by creating goals for the next quarter. The stuff you need to do in order to get closer to your dream! Each goal has key results and high-level actions. The people in your team can apply to be the owner of goals and actions. Each area can have linked honeycombs: which are other departments of your company.

Roles & Responsabilities

To achieve the current set of goals, a company must have roles and responsibilities which will get the work done. People can apply to these roles and be accountable for them. Everyone chooses their own. Nothing is hidden, people's intentions are clear to everyone!


Get a clear overview of your team. Who is responsible for what and how that fits into what they seek personally. It makes it easy to get full context of your organization, understand your team and decide who is best fit for each role.